Always clever,
often funny.

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My name is Peter Fenton (he/him). I started writing when I was fourteen years old in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when I just had a gut feeling I could write a better play than the middle school play I was part of. Thanks to supportive parents and an encouraging teacher in Suzanne Fisher, I wrote Good Knight and Goodbye, which premiered in 2010. The definitive edition of this story was published as part of my 2021 anthology, Shakespeare in the Parking Lot.
Later, while I studied at Wheaton College in Illinois, I made my film debut, co-writing the award-winning screenplay for Filling In with director Bradley Hawkins. After undergrad, I enrolled in the postgraduate apprenticeship program at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia and went on to co-produce the profitable world premiere of See Amid the Winter Snow in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2019. See Amid the Winter Snow was also published in 2021 as part of Shakespeare in the Parking Lot.
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I'd say the COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point for my writing career. In the first six weeks of quarantine, I wrote the early drafts of Abandon All Hope, which marked the first time I wrote a work with heavier subject matter than my early comedies. This story would see a staged table read with BraveMaker Media in July 2020 and ended up leading me to a book deal with a small press that ended up motivating me to start my own media label, Ornithology Media, with my dad once the story with that original publisher took an awful turn.
I see the release of Abandon All Hope as really just the beginning of my second decade as a writer and multimedia storyteller. I look to the future and I'm always excited to find my next project! I'm passionate about creating works that make the world a better place by stimulating laughter or critical thought—in other words, I'm always clever, often funny.

Be sure to check out my books and if you want to get in touch to have me collaborate on a project, be a guest on your podcast, or hear out a pitch for anything else you have in mind, send me an email!
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