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My name is Peter Fenton (he/him). I started writing when I was fourteen years old in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when I just had a gut feeling I could write a better play than the one in my hands. Thanks to supportive parents and an encouraging teacher in Suzanne Fisher, I wrote that first play – which premiered in 2010 and was later published as Knights of the Square Table.

While I was a student at Wheaton College in Illinois, I made my film debut, co-writing the award-winning screenplay for Filling In with director Bradley Hawkins. After undergrad, I enrolled in the postgraduate apprenticeship program at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia and went on to co-produce the profitable world premiere of See Amid the Winter Snow in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2019.

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I'd say the COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point for my writing career. In the first six weeks of quarantine, I wrote the early drafts of Abandon All Hope, which marked the first time I wrote a work with heavier subject matter than my early comedies. This story would see a staged table read with BraveMaker Media in July 2020 and ended up leading me to a book deal with a small independent press that October to publish See Amid in November 2020 and Abandon All Hope in March 2021.

I see the book deal as really just the beginning of my second decade as a screenwriter and author. I look to the future and I'm always excited to find my next project! I'm passionate about creating works that make the world a better place by stimulating laughter or critical thought.

Be sure to check out my books and if you want to get in touch to have me collaborate on a project, be a guest on your podcast, or hear out a pitch for anything else you have in mind, send me an email!