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Fenton Productions

Established in 2023 following the Off-Broadway success of Abandon All Hope and in the midst of the award-winning film festival run of Night Voices, Fenton Productions is an independent, resourceful production company for both theater and film founded and directed by writer and producer Peter Fenton.


Fenton Productions brings a professional, unique brand of organization, team-building, public relations, and detail management to any theater, film, or new media project, whether it is a developmental workshop reading or a full-on production. When Peter is passionate about an emerging script or artist, he taps into his network of professionals to bring the right team together for the words or performances to shine.

Fenton Productions is best equipped to manage non-union projects of both theater and film with total budgets from $0 to $25,000. We are equipped to devise a plan for the budget brought to us—Fenton Productions does not provide funding for outside projects at this time. We will determine together what can be done with the money and idea brought forth to us. For inquiries, send an email to

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Stage Production


Script Readings

Film Production

I THINK WE'RE LOST Workshop Reading October 2023
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