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The Plays

I am a passionate writer and producer of film and theater. As a playwright, I have written five full-length works available for licensing. If you are interested in reading the play or staging a production, check out my New Play Exchange profile or send me an email! I'll point you in the right direction. Run times are approximate.

Abandon All Hope Peter Fenton playwright Off Broadway

4 Actors (2F/2M), 90 mins

Recommended Audience: 14+

FULL-LENGTH DRAMEDY. When three college freshmen (a scrappy feminist, a naïve evangelical, and a cocky logistician) meet in Hell—which appears as a dorm room—they are forced to play a game with eternal stakes, which draws out each one's fatal flaws in their interactions with each other and a fun-loving demon. The winner will go to Heaven at the cost of the other two’s eternal torture.

Abandon All Hope premiered Off-Broadway at Theatre Row in June 2023 as part of the Rogue Theater Festival, directed by Gorman Ruggiero.

6-11 Actors (2F/3M/1 Any), 110 mins

Recommended Audience: 14+

FULL-LENGTH DRAMEDY. When a jaded, college-aged Peter Pan considers leaving Neverland, Tinker Bell pulls out all the stops to make him stay. She sends the newest Lost Boy and "Wendy 2.0" off on a secret mission to kill Captain Hook before the pirate finds Peter again. The newcomers confront their looming graduation and adulthood as they discover seedy mysteries lurking in Neverland's past and present. This play explores themes of mental health, revenge, and prolonged adolescence with an ensemble cast.

ITWL July 2024.PNG
Good Knight and Goodbye Peter Fenton playwright

11-20 Actors (4F/7M), 100 mins

Recommended Audience: 12+

FULL-LENGTH COMEDY ADVENTURE. When a humble legend knight is charged with a quest by the silly king to marry the rejected Disney archetype princess, a dark force plots to take the princess for himself. Along his quest, the knight develops feelings for the king's down-to-earth messenger. He's surrounded by fools. What's a brave knight to do?

Good Knight and Goodbye premiered at Conestoga Valley School District in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in April 2010, directed by Suzanne Fisher.

8-10 Actors (3F/4M/1 Any), 90 mins

Recommended Audience: All Ages

FULL-LENGTH HOLIDAY COMEDY. She's a village school teacher. He's the son of Santa and Mayor Claus. When an otherwise festive romantic comedy plot unfolds, a blackmail scandal in Santa's Workshop turns the peaceful North Pole upside down during Mrs. Claus's re-election campaign for Mayor. Narrated by a sassy talking Snowman. Family-friendly holiday satire.

Yuletide Shakedown premiered at the Philly Fringe Festival in September 2019 under the title See Amid the Winter Snow, directed by Amanda Pasquini.

Yuletide Shakedown.png
The Thousand Year Rose Peter Fenton playwright

13-20 Actors (4F/M), 100 mins

Recommended Audience: All Ages

FULL-LENGTH COMEDY ADVENTURE. When three storybook witches find out the legendary treasure they seek is locked behind a rose that will only bloom for a pure heart, they set off to kidnap one who fits the bill and set their eyes on a bubbly, adventurous college student who is hunting for the treasure herself and making friends everywhere she goes.

The Thousand-Year Rose premiered at Wheaton College's Jukebox Theater in Wheaton, Illinois in October 2016, directed by Peter Fenton.

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