Here are the stories written by Peter Fenton as stage plays. For complete information about each play, click on the corresponding title. To explore the process of staging a given show, click its "staging" button. You will be redirected to the appropriate publisher's page for plays that have been published or to this website's contact page to send an email indicating your interest.

KOST Artwork.jpg

ISBN 978-1-61588-409-4 | Heuer Publishing

A Play in 2 Acts for 15+ Actors (7 Women, 7 Men, 1+ Any Gender)

Recommended for Professional, Community, College, and High School Productions

Just days after returning to the king’s court following a fiveyear absence, Sir Galahad is informed by the king and queen that a suitor is urgently needed for the princess as the king is dying. Sir Galahad agrees to the marriage, sending him on a medieval quest of epic proportions in order to prove his worth to marry the beautiful Princess Jacqueline. But perhaps the hardest obstacles have nothing to do with the dangers that be: first, an evil knight has also taken up the quest for Jacqueline’s hand and would abuse the throne were he to ascend to it, and second, Sir Galahad has caught the eye of Lady Heron, the castle’s royal messenger, and she may have caught his as well. And might there be something else lurking right beneath our hero’s nose? What’s a brave, handsome knight to do?

TTYR Artwork.jpg

ISBN 978-1-61588-431-5 | Heuer Publishing

A Play in 2 Acts for 13+ Actors (7 Women, 3 Men, 3+ Any Gender)

Recommended for Professional, Community, College, High School, and Middle School Productions

Long ago, the city of Hanenbough, Ireland, was a beautiful city home to only the wealthiest Irish. During the fall of the city to thieves, one mysterious man salvaged what riches he could find and buried it all in a cave, sealing the treasure with a thousand-year rose that is said will only bloom for the pure of heart. A thousand years later, a trio of witches, lacking anything pure, set out to find the fabled treasure and decide to kidnap somebody with a pure heart. Meanwhile, one sharp-witted and sassy Kimmi Larkin ventures to Hanenbough as a research intern and the witches take notice of her – they believe her to have a pure heart. If treasure hunting with unabashed gusto is your thing, this show is an awesome family adventure!

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Currently Seeking a World Premiere Home

A Play in 3 Acts for 8 Actors (3 Women, 4 Men, 1 Any Gender)

Recommended for Professional, Community, College, and High School Productions

The North Pole is a bustling little city deeply tied to Santa’s Workshop on the outskirts of town. An eccentric Snowman with a heart of gold has a story to tell, of Mitchell and Daisy. Mitchell Claus, son of legendary toy giant Santa and beloved mayor of the North Pole Maureen – and Santa’s director of Public Relations – is in a happy relationship with schoolteacher Daisy Scarlett and life is going along just fine until Santa’s workshop is broken into at the same time his mother faces her very first challenger for mayor. When Mitchell is tapped to be campaign strategist for Maureen Gaines Claus, his life is consumed as the thus-untouchable Claus family defends their honor against a challenger with a powerful secret weapon threatening to topple the Claus empire. Mitchell’s life is put to the test, as is his relationship with Daisy, who grows resentful of the campaign and gets stuck in the middle as storylines intersect. This Yuletide comedy is laced with political satire, a retelling of a classic fairy tale, and more references to Christmas mainstays than you can shake a bowl full of jelly at.

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