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Peter Fenton’s work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Dadley Productions, Heuer Publishing, and BraveMaker Media among others. Peter is an adventurous writer and multimedia storyteller drawn to creating and producing clever, self-aware works stimulating critical thought and laughter. His first two publications, dark spiritual comedy Abandon All Hope and adventure comedy anthology Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, released in 2021 through Ornithology Media, an independent publishing company he co-founded with his father, Jim Fenton. Peter served as the President and Director of Jukebox Theatre at Wheaton College and is an alumnus of the postgraduate apprenticeship program at Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia. As an up-and-coming screenwriter and playwright, Peter is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America. In 2022, Peter began formal training in comedic writing through Upright Citizens Brigade and entered development on a feature film adaptation of his stage play, Abandon All Hope.

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Latest News

A film adaptation of Abandon All Hope, Peter Fenton's critically-acclaimed stage play script, has entered pre-production in January 2022. Abandon All Hope will be a feature-length dark, spiritual, coming-of-age comedy film. Three college freshmen—a scrappy feminist, a cocky logistician, and a naïve evangelical—arrive in Hell, which appears as a sterile dorm room, challenged to a diabolical game by a fun-loving demon: the winner goes to Heaven at the cost of torturing the others.
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"Funny as hell and heavenly sweet...
A delightful read!"


-Marjorie Bicknell, Dramatists Guild of America

Latest Release

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Shakespeare in the Parking Lot is a special edition anthology collection of the three family-friendly adventure comedy plays Peter Fenton developed as in undergrad at Wheaton College! The full texts of each play are present in this book alongside brand-new creative non-fiction essays in which Peter explores who he was and how he grew as a writer and human between each work. Shakespeare in the Parking Lot contains the following works in full, together in one volume for the very first time:

  • Good Knight and Goodbye (est. 2009, as revised in 2014)

  • The Thousand-Year Rose (est. 2016)

  • See Amid the Winter Snow (est. 2018)

Peter Recommends


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wild card


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