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Off-Broadway Playwright.
Award-Winning Screenwriter.

NYC | PHL | Remote

Peter Fenton producer screenwriter

I'm a writer and team-builder passionate about making the world a bit better in every stage of the creative process. Let's work together.

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Peter Fenton is a playwright and theater producer whose dramedy play, Abandon All Hope, has been performed Off-Broadway. A member of the Dramatists Guild of America since 2019, Fenton’s theatrical work has been previously seen in the Rogue Theater Festival in New York City, Philly Fringe Festival, and Jukebox Theater at Wheaton College. In addition to writing and producing theater, Fenton is an emerging screenwriter and film producer, winning awards for both producing and co-writing Night Voices (2023) through Dadley Productions. He is most interested in creating quick-witted satire, redemption arcs, and retellings of well-known stories and is available to work remotely or as a local to the New York City, Philadelphia, and Central Pennsylvania markets. He is an alum of the apprenticeship program at Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia and currently teaches theater classes through Bucks County Playhouse and works as the Marketing and Engagement Associate for Passage Theatre in Trenton, New Jersey.

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"Funny as hell and heavenly sweet... a delightful read!"

Dramatists Guild of America


"Fenton's quirky sense of humor, his spot-on timing and pace, and his ability to understand what an audience likes have made

The Thousand-Year Rose my favorite play."

Theater Director

"Behind the dark comedy..., and indeed Fenton has quite the sense of humor and I found myself laughing out loud multiple times, lies an enduring message."

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