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Peter Fenton has completed writing his fourth stage play during the global pandemic! Abandon All Hope tells the story of an absent activist, a stubborn scientist, and a prejudiced preacher -- three nineteen-year-olds who have found themselves in the same torture chamber in the afterlife with a trickster demon who has taken the form of a fun wine mom.


Abandon All Hope is a dark comedy in one act for four actors. This piece is intended for mature audiences only. Currently seeking a world premiere stage.

Hi there! My name is Peter Fenton (he/him/his)! I'm a writer and producer based in the greater Philadelphia area with ex-church camp counselor energy. I find my voice at the intersection of my two core interests -- comedy and interpersonal communication. I believe we are our best selves when we develop a healthy sense of humor about the lives we've lived. Basically, I want to help you cut through the overly self-serious in your life and get laughing about it. I'm always looking for work and I'm always interested in speaking to groups or on podcasts! Drop a note at byPeterFenton.com/contact or get connected with me on social media!

-Peter Fenton

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