see amid the winter snow.

Peter Fenton presents a brand-new holiday classic for the 21st century! Join our lovable snowman for a drink as he narrates the Yuletide pandemonium that is the tale of Mitchell Claus and Daisy Scarlett. Their love story is threatened when a blackmail scandal emerges in Santa’s Workshop amid Mrs. Claus’ critical re-election bid for mayor of the North Pole. Overflowing with fresh Christmas joy, the story develops in such a way to fold seamlessly into a retelling of a very familiar tale in its climax.


This play is recommended to those who know their Christmas standards, classic and modern - A Christmas Carol, Frosty the Snowman, Elf, Frozen, A Christmas Story, Charlie Brown Christmas, and all the usual Christmas carols overplayed on the radio between November 1 and December 31. The role of political and news media satire in this play is more akin to the politics and news media satire in Parks and Recreation than a serious government procedural.


SEE AMID THE WINTER SNOW is dedicated to Mom and Dad, who raised me to love well in family and friendships and to also love Christmastime. It was a joy to get to know their individual personalities better in the summer I lived with them between jobs while I wrote this play. SEE AMID is also dedicated to IdaLynn, who bet my father an ice cream sundae that he wouldn’t get a date with Beth from the front desk.




Any Gender Identity, Ambiguous Age, Any Ethnicity, Straight if Female-Identified/Gay if Male-Identified

The Snowman is our folksy, interactive narrator from the beginning of the show to the very end. The actor portraying the Snowman should have strong command of the stage, excellent comic timing, and a lovable country twang (think Dolly Parton).


Male, 25-29 Years Old, Any Ethnicity, Straight

A well-maintained young professional elf, the only son of Santa and Maureen Claus, working as Santa's Public Relations manager and Maureen's campaign strategist. Mitchell is something of a taskmaster, burying himself in work to keep things under his control, handily producing results but making him prone to tunnel vision.


Female, 22-27 Years Old, Any Ethnicity, Straight


A sensible fourth grade teacher with an extremely kind heart. Daisy is extremely supportive of Mitchell's work and never wants to inconvenience him, even when she has dreams of her own, like her wish to open her own school. This trait becomes something of her unraveling as the play develops.


Female, 26-32 Years Old, Any Ethnicity, Any Sexual Orientation


Daisy's cousin and Mitchell's co-worker and close platonic friend. IdaLynn is a new homeowner and she is particularly good at coming up with creative ways to get what she wants. She's an excellent motivator and has a character tic of playfully punching others in the arm.


Female, 55-69 Years Old, Any Ethnicity, Straight


The pantsuit-clad long-serving Mayor of the North Pole and Santa Claus' wife and co-conspirator. She is intelligent, poised, and has run unopposed for her entire career as Mayor of the North Pole until the current election, when she is challenged by Ebenezer Whitfield.


Male, 30-45 Years Old, Any Ethnicity, Any Sexual Orientation


The dapper mastermind behind Ebenezer Whitfield's campaign. Wolf approached Whitfield to run for mayor to be a puppet for him and just needed to find a way to ensure a defeat for Maureen Gaines Claus. The public relations crisis the Claus family faces seems like the perfect storm for Wolf to rise in power.

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