the stories I've written.

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the year of each work's first draft is listed on this page.

Knights Graphic 2019.jpg

knight goes on a quest to marry the princess but the king's messenger catches his eye. stage play, 2009.

grizzled veteran takes newbie under his wing in a dangerous new career path. short film, 2016.

TTYR Graphic 2019.jpg
See Amid Graphic 2019.jpg
Abandon All Hope Square

three witches seek the legendary treasure which will only appear for a pure heart. they decide to kidnap. stage play, 2016.

a blackmail scandal in Santa's workshop while Mrs. Claus runs for mayor threatens a simple love story. stage play, 2018.

an activist, a scientist, and a preacher are confined to a hellish room with a fun-loving demon. stage play**, 2020.

**for mature audiences only**

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