the thousand-year rose.

Three storybook-style witches seek the lost treasure of Hanenbough, Ireland, sealed by a rose that will only bloom for a pure heart. The witches decide to simply kidnap somebody with a pure heart to make the rose bloom. They set their eyes on the sharp-witted and sassy college student, Kimmi Larkin, who is also searching for the treasure and making fast friends with most that she meets.


Writing a second play meant Knights was not just a fluke. I wanted to take this play to explore questions of "what truly makes a good person?" "are there certain traits that would exclude a person from ever being good?", which were especially strong questions I considered as I was a bit disillusioned heading in my fourth year attending an evangelical college. Good and evil are much more complex than fairy tales (and evangelicalism) tend to present.

THE THOUSAND-YEAR ROSE is dedicated to Harris, R.J., and the rest of the Men’s Glee Club New Men of Fall 2015 – the quirky, strong-hearted adventure party that I love seeking the Treasure with.




Female, 18-22 Years Old, Any Ethnicity, Any Sexual Orientation

A sharp-witted and sassy research intern for Professor Davis. She is confident, resourceful, and true to herself in all situations. Talkative with infectious energy, she is a pretty terrible liar and has a tendency to speak before she thinks, as she thinks, and after she thinks.


Female, 30-49 Years Old, Any Ethnicity, Any Sexual Orientation

The eldest and leader of the three witches. She is a wicked witch straight out of a storybook masking her insecurity under heavy layers of snark and sarcasm. She intends to find the treasure of the Thousand-Year Rose and use the money to take over the world.


Female, 28-35 Years Old, Any Ethnicity, Any Sexual Orientation


The middle of the three witches, a consummate follower. She's happy-go-lucky, soft-spoken, and more than a little stupid, but do not be fooled: Ciera is a dangerous witch who is deeply loyal to Abigail. She remains loyal to Abigail and serves as comic relief and a wide-eyed sounding board for Abigail's scheming.


Female, 23-30 Years Old, Any Ethnicity, Any Sexual Orientation


The youngest of the three witches. Book smart and full of common sense, she rarely has the opportunity for her voice to be heard, as Abigail will not listen to it except as a last resort. Vivian experiences continual abuse from Abigail but nonetheless continues to tag along with her sisters because she knows nothing else.


Male, 13-16 Years Old, Any Ethnicity, Any Sexual Orientation

A shy, hesitant teenager in the throes of the early stages of puberty (so, eighth grade). He is slow to trust and would prefer not to talk. Scott is a bit of a coward at the start of the play and hides behind a "cool teenager" persona - but beneath the cold exterior, he is pure of heart and curious.


Male, 65-75 Years Old, Any Ethnicity, Straight

Kimmi Larkin's professor of archaeology at a university in the suburbs of Chicago. While a seemingly friendly, grandfatherly type, Davis has as of yet let anything come between him and his research of Hanenbough, Ireland and the legend of the Thousand-Year Rose.

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