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So you may have noticed I did not update this website for about two weeks - that was certainly not a break from blogging, I just have not been blogging on this website! I've been creating pages for my works on TVTropes, which has been a lifesaver as far as writing goes.

This website features an entire database of basically the entire known universe of stories in any medium and breaks them down element by element to analyze common themes and shorthand used by writers to create familiarity in plot, characters, and the like. This is a website I've quietly geeked out about for about two years. Whenever I experience a new story, I look up its corresponding article on TVTropes to read about the constituent parts of that story and see things I've recognized other stories do. Now that Knights of the Square Table and The Thousand-Year Rose have been published, they are eligible to have articles about them so I went through and listed out a basic list of tropes for each play.

Seriously, look up anything you've ever seen. Odds are (as long as it is not porn), it will appear with an article on TVTropes.

Here are the links to the pages about my work on TVTropes:

Knights of the Square Table

The Thousand-Year Rose

Author Page - Peter Fenton

Even though I wrote the information myself, it feels pretty great to see websites I did not create from the ground up hosting information about my work!

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