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credits include




Abandon All Hope, 2022. Writer/Producer, dir. TBA. (Feature – Dark Comedy, Coming-of-Age)

Night Voices, 2022. Co-Writer, dir. Bradley Hawkins. (Short – Drama)

TBA Screenplay, 2021. Writer, Filmmaker TBA. (Short – Drama)


Filling In, 2016. Co-Writer, dir. Bradley Hawkins. (Short – Fantasy, Comedy)

Locked In, 2021. Second 2nd A.D./Stunt Double, dir. Carlos V. Gutierrez (Feature – Crime, Heist)

The Id, 2016. Co-Writer, dir. Brendan Jones. (Short – Psychological Thriller)


Knights of the Square Table, 2014. Heuer Publishing. (Feature – Fantasy Adventure Comedy)

The Thousand-Year Rose, 2016. Heuer Publishing. (Feature – Fantasy Adventure Comedy)

See Amid the Winter Snow, 2018. Ornithology Media. (Feature – Holiday Satire, Romantic Comedy)

Abandon All Hope, 2020. Ornithology Media. (Feature – Dark Spiritual Comedy)

other selected work

"Survivor: The Australian Outback As Told by Your Summer Camp Counselor", 2015. YouTube.

"Survivor: Africa As Told by Your Summer Camp Counselor", 2016. YouTube.

"Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains As Told by Your Summer Camp Counselor", 2016. YouTube.

"Survivor: Cagayan As Told by Your Summer Camp Counselor", 2016. YouTube.

"Mr. Ididnt Getit", 2018. LPL Financial.

Untitled Counting Book, 2019. Wunderbook.

"Love Sees and Love Does", 2019. OurBible App.

"Unchanged: Peter F.", 2019. Q Christian Fellowship.

"Building Blocks of Faith", 2019. OurBible App.

"In Living Proof: Peter", 2020. BelovedArise.

"Dear Peter Fenton: The Incident at the Informance Concert", 2020. YouTube.

"Dear Peter Fenton: A Giraffe in Germany", 2020. YouTube.

"Dear Peter Fenton: Blunt Force Trauma", 2020. YouTube.

"On Left-Handedness: A Metaphor", 2021. YouTube.

"Small Independent Press: How I Learned I'm Too Loyal For My Own Good", 2021. YouTube.


Best Screenplay (Filling In) – Enginuity Film Festival, 2018

Best Television Pilot (Filling In) – Honolulu Film Awards, 2018

Outstanding Screenplay (Filling In) – Zed Fest Film Festival, 2017

Award of Merit – Narrative Short and Screenplay (Filling In) IndieFEST Film Awards, 2017

Gold Award – Screenplay (Filling In) – International Independent Film Awards, 2017